And Now, A Close Reading of the New Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Trailer

OUR GIRLS ARE BACK. With less than a month left before the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the gods at Netflix blessed us with a proper full-length trailer to tide us over until Turkey Day. Obviously, we're here to break it down with a close reading to figure out what the gals might be up to in the 9 years since we've seen them.

Lorelai lost

Despite clear evidence that she is still with Luke, all signs point to Lorelai feeling a little lost. She achieved her dream of opening a successful inn, found a loving, stable relationship, and raised a daughter to adulthood; but what's next?

Has she taken over as Creative Director at Miss Patty's School of Ballet?

Is she seeing a therapist? (Her revelations in the back of Melora Hardin's car in the Season 6 finale were rather transformative, if not fan favorites.)

And, the smoking gun that something is rotten in the state of Connecticut, she's drinking coffee from AL'S PANCAKE WORLD.

At least Lorelai's house remains a beacon of stability, looking flawless in all seasons.

Rory returns to her roots

Like the Lorelai-Luke union, we've known for a while that Rory was Chilton bound in the reboot. Struggling with her career despite her Ivy League education and lifelong journalistic ambitions, it makes sense that Rory would return to the comfort of Chilton, and a time when her future was more assured. She looks with wonder, nostalgia, and a touch of envy? at the students milling about the castle-like campus.

What we didn't know, however, is that longtime rival/roommate/young Hillary Clinton Paris Geller would be joining her! Complete with a fierce haircut, courtesy of her employment at Shondaland. Will the girls reunite to rule the school?

Or has she given up her dream of becoming Christiane Amanpour, and is content instead to play her (or a Marvel character) on TV? We see Rory waiting in a long line that looks a lot like an open call audition. Hey, she and Paris did have great chemistry in Romeo & Juliet.

The big three

Despite exploring Rory's career trajectory, surely ASP knew fans wouldn't be satisfied until she finally answered the question; Dean, Jess, or Logan - who's the fairest of them all?

This flash of the London cityscape may mean Mitchum Huntzberger's prodigal son struck out in Silicon Valley and is back across the pond.

Did his retirement from the Chicago courtrooms inspire Matt Czuchry to start a burgeoning collection of electric guitars he is way too WASP-y to play? Considering Rory's floundering professional life, does she regret not locking down that Huntzberger dough and becoming a Real Housewive of Palo Alto?

We're also afforded a quick glimpse of Dean in Doose's - he probably still works there - to satisfy the 3 Dean-heads left in existence. Not nearly as broody and mysterious as bad-boy Jess, he also lacked the charm and pedigree of Logan, and if this screenshot is all we see of him, copper boom to you, sir.

And speaking of Stars Hallow's favorite (and only) bad boy - where is Mr. Mariano? From the looks of it, in a room full of old...electronics? I guess his art-house book publisher has embraced a lower-tech way of life. But he's drinking scotch and trading references with Rory, and for now, that's good enough for us.

Emily slumming it

Since Edward Hermann sadly passed away in 2014, we know a lot of Emily's storyline will focus on her grieving her partner of 50 years. Although there appear to be somber moments, Emily seems to be tackling the unknown in an uncharacteristic way. She's rocking what can only be a vintage Candie's tee of Lorelai's (a brand not even Queen Carrie Bradshaw herself could pull off in the '80s) and JEANS. Emily Gilmore in JEANS.

And, like your most insufferable friends, she is Kondo-ing her life, post-Richard, and ridding the Hartford mansion of any object that doesn't bring her joy, including a St. John's-looking suit, which may explain the fashion make-under. However, maybe the old Emily is in there somewhere, because someone is seen pulling up to Luke's "nice and rustic" Diner in a town car - vintage Gilmore power move.

Anything we missed? Let us know! Until we meet again, no windows.

All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are now streaming on Netflix. All 4 90-minute Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life episodes will be available to stream November 25th.

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