New Girl: Why Winston is the Best Resident of Loft 4D

Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) a.k.a Winnie the Bish a.k.a Prank SInatra is lowkey the funniest resident of New Girl's Loft 4D. No disrespect to Schmidt and his kimono, or Nick and his zombie novel, but Winston is one hilarious cat owner. The breakdown below:

He has lots of skills applicable for the modern workforce

He spends quality time with loved ones

He has fantastic taste in music

He has fantastic taste in music, pt. 2

He isn't afraid to explore his feminine side

He keeps things in perspective

He knows how to make a fashion statement (read: bird shirts)

He really knows how to get into character

He loves an appropriately scaled prank

He helped CeCe buy a wedding dress that made her look like a prostitute for wizards

Lastly, he's not afraid to let loose and have a little fun

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