Selina Meyer Shade

This week’s Veep saw President Selina Meyer's season-long battle to hold her office (after an unprecedented Electoral College tie) come to a bitter, sputtering close. We’ve been through a recount in Nev-AD-a, backroom wheeling and dealing, the election of Jonah “Jolly Green Jizzface” Ryan to Congress, and finally a House vote that somehow results in Tom James assuming the role of Commander-in-chief. You gotta love democracy, right? As her political career could come full-circle with Meyer the Liar back in the VP’s chair, let’s take a look back at perhaps her greatest skill as a politician: throwing shade.


On face time with Rodger Furlong

"I'd rather set fire to my vulva, so... that's a no."

On abortion

"Get the government out of my fucking snatch."

On mingling with the people

"Really, Amy? Because I've met some people, okay? Real people. And I gotta tell you, a lot of them are fucking idiots."

On Jonah

"The skyscraper of shit has arrived."

On Mike's incompetence

"Yeah, as well as get in touch with the press guys - two things. Call the Guinness Book of World Records. Oh, no, don't, don't, because that would be three things."

Navigating a complicated political climate

"Is there a pro-'I don't give a shit' lobby?"

Fond memories of her mother

"No, darling, Meemaw's favorite song is whatever is playing in the background at Neiman Marcus."

When Gary's event planning gets out of hand

"Who do you think you are, Gary Antoinette?"

On the Electoral College

"Didn't those Founding Fuckers ever hear of an odd number?"

Exploring Jonah's hobbies

"You like to have sex, and you like to travel? Then you can fuck off."

Quality time with Congressman Doyle

"What were you bobbleheads doing while I was just getting ear-fucked by Father Time?"

Interactions with the opposite sex

"I'm used to dealing with angry, aggressive, dysfunctional men. i.e. men."

Mother of the Year

"Catherine, why is that your hair?"

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