About Stream Queens

Since the days of setting my VCR to record  the morning block of Dawson's Creek reruns on TBS while I was in middle school, or opening two separate OG Netflix accounts so we could receive all the DVDs of a show's season box set at the same time, we've prayed for the streaming revolution to arrive.


Now that it has, the volume of content across platforms is so overwhelming, even the most seasoned of TV addicts can feel left behind. But fear not, my binge-watchers in arms because the Stream Queens will be here with recaps, rankings, and recommendations for you to make the most out of your quality time with your best friend – your TV. 


Click here to contact the kweens with your comments, questions, suggestions, passionate defenses of Noel vs. Ben, tickets to Hamilton, etc.


Until then, keep calm and stream on. 

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